Analysis of innovation barriers for a specific digital technology in the water sector

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The wastewater sector is facing challenges such as staff shortage, accumulation of heavy rainfall events due to climate change, and threats to the environment, citizens, and public and private property. In this context, digital technologies are crucial in monitoring, controlling, and optimizing wastewater systems. These technologies promise not only more efficient wastewater management but also improved protection of the environment, economy, and society.


Within the scope of the thesis, the innovation barriers to the introduction of a specific digital technology in the wastewater sector are to be analyzed. Here, the focus of the thesis can be adapted to your personal interests. The thesis can include the following focal points:
• Literature review: Selection of a suitable framework and initial identification of barriers. This can include e.g., economic, legal, and organizational barriers. Technical challenges are excluded.
• Identification and assessment of barriers to innovation: In the first step, e.g., interviews and surveys can be conducted, or case studies can be considered. Afterward, a detailed analysis of the identified barriers should be carried out.
• Development of recommendations for action: Based on the results of the analysis, you will develop strategies for overcoming the identified innovation barriers and promoting the successful introduction of digital technology in the water industry.
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Keywords: innovation barriers, digital technology, water management