Innovation in Healthcare: Exploring Emerging Trends, Challenges, and Impact

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Lehrstuhl für Innovation, Strategie und Organisation
Bachelor; Master


The present thesis offers the opportunity to delve deep into the realm of healthcare innovations. It focuses on the analysis of emerging trends, the identification of challenges, and the investigation of the impacts of these innovations in the healthcare sector. Students have the chance to explore the latest developments in healthcare, including the implementation of telemedicine, the utilization of artificial intelligence and big data analytics, as well as the emergence of healthcare apps and wearables. Possible research topics may also encompass critical issues such as data privacy and ethics related to healthcare innovations, as well as the acceptance of these technologies by patients and healthcare professionals. Through this thesis, valuable insights are intended to be gained to contribute to shaping the future of the healthcare industry and enhancing the quality of patient care. Students have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this exciting research field and make a contribution to the development of sustainable healthcare solutions.

Keywords: innovation, healthcare, digital transformation, AI, e-health, telemedicine