A Million Dollars for Nothing? Investigating the collecting behaviour of digital objects

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Lehrstuhl für Marketing
Bachelor; Master


In the digital world, there are various collectable objects. Whether NFT collections, gaming skins or interior design items in the metaverse: As in the physical world, almost anything can be collected. The prices for digital collectibles are astronomically high. For example, digital collectible images such as a Bored Ape NFT can sell for more than $1,000,000. For real collectors, there seems to be no price limit for digital objects. Even after the initial hype around NFTs has ended, high prices continue to be paid for these non-physical objects. For this reason, industry and research are increasingly recognising the potential hidden in the sale and trade of digital objects. But in between all these success stories, there are also numerous digital collection projects that disappear worthlessly into the digital world.

From a scientific perspective, it is therefore particularly interesting to find out which factors make digital objects especially collectible and in what way these should be taken into account in the design process of the objects.

The aim of the work is to empirically investigate the effect of a selected factor on consumers' interest in collecting, in order to subsequently be able to derive recommendations for companies.

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Keywords: Collecting, NFTs, Skins, Metaverse, Gaming