Influencer and the power of words – A text-based analysis of influencers' social media posts

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In 2021, the global rise of social media users reached 4.2 billion (Statista, 2022). The pervasive use of social media has not only been embraced by companies for engaging with their audience but has also laid the foundation for influencer marketing. Influencers' social media posts wield substantial power in shaping audience perceptions. The linguistic elements in these influencer posts can significantly impact user engagement, affecting consumer behavior and brand associations.

The focus of this thesis is to scrutinize a dataset of influencer posts on platforms like Instagram, examining the language nuances and their influence on user engagement metrics. Establishing a robust model, formulating hypotheses, and then conducting data-driven analysis will be pivotal in exploring these interactions. The precise research question will be refined during the course of the thesis. Proficiency in statistical analysis using R or Python is preferred but not mandatory. Please provide a brief letter of motivation with your application to (

Keywords: Text Analysis, Image Analysis, User Engagement, Influencer Marketing