The effect of an AI certification on consumers’ trust in AI

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  • Romina Kleiner

Which aspects of an AI certification make it more trustworthy and increase consumers' trust in AI?

We are excited to offer a Master thesis opportunity in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and trustworthiness. AI has become an integral part of our lives, and the need for certifications that attest to the trustworthiness and safety of AI systems is more crucial than ever. The aim of this Master thesis is to investigate the factors that influence how trustworthy an AI certification is perceived and understand which aspects of an AI certification are most important to increase consumer trust in AI. This Master thesis offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of an AI certification and promote greater trust in AI technologies.

1. Literature Review: You will conduct a literature review to identify the factors that influence how trustworthy a certification is perceived. This review will provide you with a solid theoretical foundation to build upon for your study.
2. Conjoint Analysis: You will conduct a conjoint experiment to determine which aspects of an AI certification have the strongest influence on consumer trust. Aspects under consideration may include the source of certification, the certification's design, and the certification's content. The conjoint experiment will allow you to quantify the relative importance of each of these factors.

The Master thesis is written in a very close supervisory relationship. You will be closely integrated into our Digital Responsibility Lab team for the duration of your work and will always have the opportunity to exchange ideas with your colleagues. For this purpose, we provide the person working on the thesis with a sufficient time budget in a two-week rhythm.

Start with your Master thesis during the Winter Semester 2023/24 or at the beginning of the Summer Semester 2024, with the submission of your final thesis anticipated within the calendar year 2024.

You have the flexibility to conduct your research and write your thesis in either English or German, based on your preference and expertise.

In addition to your email expressing interest, kindly forward your CV and a current transcript of your grades via email to:

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, certification, trust, Human-Computer-Interaction, psychology, experiment, consumer research