Prof. Gloria Barczak (Northeastern University)

Mittwoch, 28.05.2014, 9 Uhr, Raum B301

  Prof. Gloria Barzcak Urheberrecht: © Northeastern University

Antecedents to IT Tool Usage in New Product Development Phases

More and more, companies are using information technology (IT) tools/applications to enable the NPD process. Professor Barczak will present the preliminary results of two studies that investigate various antecedents to the frequency of IT usage in each of three phases of the NPD process and the relationship between usage and new product performance. The first study, based on a survey of Japanese companies, examines organization level factors that impact the frequency of IT tool usage. These factors include: an executive champion, NPD process formalization, collocation, and IT embeddedness. The second study draws from a US based survey and investigates the effect of organization factors on phase performance as well as overall NPD performance. The latter study also focuses more on the use of social networking tools in the NPD process.

Gloria Barczak