Professor Joel West(KGI)

Wednesday, 4 June 2014, 2pm, Room B301

  Professor Joel West Copyright: © KGI

New Frontiers in Innovation Networks: A Ph.D. Seminar in Open Innovation

This seminar will consider how firms incorporate external ecosystems, communities and other networks as a core aspect of their open innovation strategy. Open innovation strategies with external networks inherently involve a one-to-many relationship between the firm and external parties, who may be individuals, firms or other forms of organizations (West & Lakhani, 2008). However, in most cases the knowledge flows are not the inbound or outbound patterns described by Chesbrough (2003), but instead include bidirectional (or “coupled”) knowledge flows that may either combine such unidirectional flows (Gassmann & Enkel, 2004) or represent an entirely new mode of co-creation (Piller & West, 2014). Participants will be reading three of the latest research articles on such topics: two from the June 2014 special issue of Research Policy on open innovation, and one from the book New Frontiers in Open Innovation that will be published by Oxford later this year.

Joel West