Chair of Marketing at EMAC 2020

  EMAC 2020

The Chair of Marketing (MAR) is happy to announce that it will be representing the TIME Research Area with three papers on this year's EMAC in Budapest. The conference takes place from May 26 to June 29. The following papers are accepted on the conference and will be presented by the MAR-team:

Perfectly Imperfect – The Moderating Role of Product Type and Power Distance Beliefs in Consumers’ Evaluation of Brands Using Atypical Endorsers

Authors: Svenja Hünies & Daniel Wentzel

Track: Advertising & Marketing Communications

Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Pricing – Case Examples from the Automotive Industry​

Authors: Stefan Raff & Deniz Rall

Track: Pricing & Promotions

When the First Is Not the Worst – How Personalized Starting Solutions Can Intensify the Default Effect​

Authors: Philipp Dieckmann, Daniel Wentzel & Michael Mendl-Heinisch

Track: Poster Session