Service and Technology Marketing (STM)

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The Service and Technology Marketing Group (STM) under direction of Prof. Stefanie Paluch is concerned with Marketing of innovative technology-based Services (such as remote services) and the application of new technologies. We further focus on empirical technology forecasting, technology acceptance research, social media marketing, Industry 4.0 and E-Commerce. A characteristic feature of our group is the international and empirical focus in our teaching and research.

With our research we aim to solve real-world problems with managerial relevance and address emerging research topics such as the usage of smart services in business-to-business settings. Customers’ perception, implementation and handling of new technologies as well as marketing of innovative services in the business-to-business context are key aspects of our research. Our studies are based on empirical and experimental research methods which are presented on a regular basis at international conferences (e.g. American Marketing Association, Academy of Marketing Science) and which are published in top journals such as Journal of Service Research and Journal of Service Management. Due to our teaching and research activities, our Group closely collaborates with national and international companies. These industry cooperations contribute to the applied problem solving and result in synergetic effects between the EMF Group and their partners.


With our teaching we aim to advance the professional skills of our students, based on a well-balanced mixture of theory, concepts and methods of Empirical Marketing Research. Our main objective is the prearrangement of students for management and leadership tasks in Hightec-Companies. Additionally, an essential mission of our Group is the enhancement of the methodological competence; in our lectures students not only acquire knowledge about instruments and methods in theory, but also learn how to apply them in practice. Another concern of our Group is the knowledge transfer to real-world problems and the acquirement of special skills to independently design and compile appropriate solutions. We achieve this aim by inviting guest speakers and including case study exercises. Beyond the development of professional skills, our Group pursues the objective to enhance the social and problem-solving competences of the students. In our seminars or empirical projects students learn how to develop personality traits and skills such as cooperative behavior, team spirit, and process planning or presentation style. Therefore our courses are characterized by a combination of scientific theories and applied-research.

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The STM Group offers a range of topics for bachelor, master and diploma theses, where students design and conduct their own empirical research project and receive support by our team. We accept own theses proposals in cooperation with companies. Please explore our thesis database for further information.