Paper accepted for publication in Academy of Management Perspectives

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The article entitled „Opening the Black Box of “Not-Invented-Here“: Attitudes, Decision Biases, and Behavioral Consequences“ has been accepted for publication in Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP). AMP is a leading outlet for management research and publishes articles that synthesize and translate theoretical and empirical research in management´s distance sub-fields in an authoritative evidential manner making these findings accessible for scholars outside that sub-field.

The article is co-authored by David Antons assistant professor at the Innovation, Strategy, and Organisation Group (ISO) and Frank T. Piller, head of the Technology and Innovation Management Group (TIM), both belonging to the TIME Research at RWTH Aachen University. In their article, Antons and Piller open the black box of the often mentioned but rarely understood Not-Invented-Here (NIH) syndrome that describes a negative attitude towards knowledge -i.e. ideas, technologies, etc.- derived from an external source. They develop a framework of different sources classifying knowledge as “external“ and underpin findings regarding the NIH syndrome with theoretical arguments from attitude research and social psychology. Finally, they identify an extensive agenda for future research.

The article is already published online ahead of print: