Professor Stefanie Paluch appointed new head of the Empirical Marketing Research (EMF) Group

  Professor Stefanie Paluch Professor Stefanie Paluch

Our team warmly welcomes Professor Stefanie Paluch as a new member and successor of Florian Siems.

As head of the Empirical Marketing Research (EMF) Group, she will be adding to our expertise in technology and service marketing. Moreover, we would like to warmly welcome our two new colleagues Sarah Küsgen and David Egbert. They will be joining the EMF Group and TIME Research Area as research associates this October.

Professor Stefanie Paluch and her team conduct research on the marketing of innovative services and technologies. Furthermore, they focus on empirical technology forecasting, technology acceptance research, social media marketing, Industry 4.0 and E-Commerce.

Apart from her research, Professor Stefanie Paluch will offer two new courses during the winter term - these are International Marketing and Quantitative Marketing.

We congratulate Professor Stefanie Paluch to her appointment and are looking forward to a successful collaboration within the TIME Research Area and beyond.