IRS Sebastian Schäfer

Thursday, 18 June 2015, 2pm, TIM Social Area

  Sebastian Schäfer

Overcoming Distance in Tournament-Based Crowdsourcing Contests: The Mediating Role of Diversely Composed Solver Teams

Oftentimes, external actors (solution providers) can provide solutions to complex technical problems internally unresolvable to organizations. Consequently, firms turn to solution providers by means of crowdsourcing contests to generate solutions they are unaware of. Anyhow, firms’ decision to select the “best” solution is often biased by their functional, geographical, cultural, linguistic, and social backgrounds. Solution providers distant to solution seekers in any of these domains may be discriminated in their prospect of winning a contest owing to the organization’s prior experience, limited attention, and established routines. First empirical results demonstrate that working in diverse solver teams helps solution providers to overcome these distances and be successful in innovation contests.

After presenting the research context, empirical model, and first quantitative results I want to explore possible theoretical avenues that help to reason for and against distances in crowdsourcing contests and diverse teams as vehicles to bridge the gap between solution seekers and providers.

Sebastian Schäfer