IRS Matthias Rüdiger

Thursday, 2 July 2015, 2pm, TIM Social Area


Considering the context of citations - an avenue worth pursuing?

In science, the number of citations a published article receives oftentimes represents the reputation and quality of the research behind it. Cita- tion analysis, a manifestation of bibliometrics, in general terms examines the relationships between citing and cited articles, as well as between the authors who conducted the research. Anyhow, the majority of scholars in the field of citation analysis assume that all citations are of equal weight and importance, thereby neglecting the purpose and context of citations as an important source of information. In his first scientific contribution Matthias Rüdiger examines the explanatory power of citations. He considers the semantics and position of a reference within a text by applying state-of-the-art data mining algorithms that are capable of analyzing and grouping large amounts of scientific text. His IRS presentation will introduce participants to the technical approach of his rese- arch and the current state of research in the areas of citation analysis, citation motivation, and citing behavior.

Matthias Rüdiger