TRSS: Professor Rajiv Kohli

Tuesday, 29 September 2015, 2pm to 4pm, Room Fo 3

  Professor Rajiv Kohli Professor Rajiv Kohli

How to (do research to) publish in leading journals?

Research is a science but making your research publishable is an art. Good research does not publish itself. Researching and publishing in leading journals requires disciplined reading and thoughtful planning. The path to publication is easier when we become familiar with our research community, its preferences and biases in order to position our contribution. I will discuss my experience of cultivating habits that lead to good quality research and observations about actions you can take to improve the chances of success in publishing your research in leading academic journals. This talk will be complemented by insights into career trajectories at the intersection of practice and academia. The talk will be interactive with ample opportunities for questions and answers.