IRS Pegah Yaghmaie

Freitag, 22. April 2016, 9:30 - 11 Uhr, TIM Social Area


Managing Innovation Ecosystems in Nano-Electronics: Strategies of European Organizations

Diversity in nature and objective of organizations in the innovation ecosystem leads to different types of challenges, which requires management strategies. While, scholars focused on managing the innovation ecosystem they less considered all type of actors in such ecosystems. In this respect, this study aims to evaluate different management strategies that all organizations use in the Nano-electronics innovation ecosystem. Using a multiple case study approach, we investigate how organizations manage their relationship in the innovation ecosystem? And what management strategies they use to face their challenges? Based on a grounded theory approach, a theoretical model is proposed. Results of the analysis show that, in compare to managing the strategic alliances, managing the innovation ecosystem is a very complex phenomenon. The two important dimensions of internal and external management strategies suggest that organizations during three phases of pre-formation, formation, and post-formation of relationships, not only are required to externally manage their relationships and resolve conflicts, but also are responsible to internally create an open environment and invest on employees’ development. In conclusion, this study discusses the key findings and suggests number of theoretical and managerial implications for researchers, managers and government agencies in managing innovation ecosystems successfully.

Pegah Yaghmaie