Prof. Dr. Oliver Fabel (University of Vienna)

Mittwoch, 31.05.2017, 10.00 Uhr, Raum B301

  Oliver Fabel Urheberrecht: © University of Vienna

Taking stock of the changing academic landscape. A personal view on publications, careers, and lessons learnt.

Academic careers have left the national, predictable path, and reflect an ever-increasing protean and international environment. Moving from silo-mentality with its chaired system to departmental structures, from Habilitation to tenure track. PhD students, junior, and senior professors all have to face a delicate balancing act ranging from highly placed peer reviewed publications, to acquiring third party funding, and last not least, engage in various teaching activities. The trade-off between clear-cut academic career ladders, academics’ protean environment, and increasing external pressure gives rise to the several questions as to where the field is heading. Should one focus on publications, attract industry projects, or engage in extensive teaching? What makes for an academic career? Where is our higher educational heading to and how are the requirements for participants changing?

Oliver Fabel