Aktuelles Thema: Engineering the Brand Experience


Master – Summer Term – 5 CP – Teaching Assistant: Heiko Holz



Content description

Brand experience comprises the cumulative sensations, feelings, thoughts and behaviors evoked by the collective of a consumer’s interactions with the brand. This course explores, both individually and as a whole, a number of brand touchpoints including product and service offerings, identity, reputation, communications, environments, and customer journeys. Engineering the brand experience goes beyond designing products or delivering services, and relates to leveraging and managing opportunities to increase customer value across a variety of touchpoints simultaneously. The goal of experience engineering is fourfold: to create memorable and repeatable experiences for customers, to maximize the brand value equation, to position the brand via premium differentiation, and to create sustainable competitive advantages against competition.

Learning Objectives

This course – Engineering the Brand Experience – explores the intersection and management of the multiple elements of a customers’ brand experience, including sensory, affective, intellectual and behavioral offerings. Through both theory and case example, we will explore brand experiences from a variety of perspectives across numerous B2C industries. The ultimate purpose of this course is to train students to either create or identify opportunities for value creation through innovative marketing management and creative business model design. This course is designed for students who plan to pursue management in consumer-facing (B2C) organizations, and would be particularly beneficial for those entering service-dominant industries.









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