Managing the Innovation Process: In-Class Format (8013910)

The following details taken from the examination regulations MSWI/15, SMPO WS 21/22 are for information purposes only and not legally binding. For legally binding information, please refer to the corresponding official examination regulations of the program Master Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen.

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Basic Information

Master Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
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Summer term
Entire semester
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This lecture follows the various activities along the stages of the innovation process (Discovery, Realization, Nurture) on the level of an innovation project. It provides participants with a decision structure along these stages and gives an overview of commonly applied methods in innovation management. A special emphasis is placed on evaluation methods for different stages of idea and concept screening and selection.

The second part of the lecture introduces the participants into the challenges of organizing for innovation within an established firm and covers aspects of project management, overcoming internal inertia to change, team structures, and the role of key individuals for successful innovation.

Classroom sessions are likely to comprise a mixture of traditional lectures, quantitative exercises and in-class discussions. Please note that a detailed course outline and reading list will be made available in L2P ahead of the first session.


After participating in this course, students should be in a position to:
• Understand different process structures of an innovation project, their contingencies, and central activities along the phases of the innovation process.
• Understand and apply core methods to supporting technical problem solving in the innovation process
• Effectively communicate solutions for complex product development problems
• Critically evaluate, analyze and interpret information to make innovation management decisions, using both quantitative and qualitative approaches
• Know project focused core theories of technology and innovation management and their limitations

Note: This is a TIM Core Lecture


The course grade will be determined based on one of the following modes of evaluation:
(A) colloquium (class participation) (50%, graded) and paper (50%, graded);
(B) colloquium (class participation) (50%, graded) and examination (50%, graded, 60min.);
(C) examination (100%, graded, 60min.)

The final mode of evaluation (A, B, or C) will be announced and publicly displayed prior to the first class session. In general, grading for this class will be based on mode A.

Further Information

• This class demands the continuous participation in the class discussions and the preparation of case materials or paper assignments before each session.
• Erasmus and exchange students on the master level are invited to register to the class.


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