Principles of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing: The StreetScooter Case (8019164)

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Master in Business Administration
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Winter term
Entire semester
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The course provides an introduction into the process of technology and innovation management. This will involve a detailed analysis of the tools and methods that may be employed to understand and identify customer needs as well as the process that companies can set in place to foster and launch successful technological innovations. A special emphasis will be placed on analyzing how companies can benefit from entrepreneurial thinking to innovate more successfully and on understanding how they can build entire ecosystems around their products and services. As part of the course, the theoretical knowledge will be transferred and applied to a recent successful technological innovation: The StreetScooter, the electric delivery vehicle of Deutsche Post DHL.


The course aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the process of technology and innovation management. Specifically, the course aims to familiarize students with state-of-the- art tools, methods, and theories and help them understand how these may be used to solve and organize complex innovation challenges, placing a special emphasis on interdisciplinary thinking at the intersection of management and technology.
Another aim of the course is to enable students to critically reflect on the current theoretical and managerial discourse related to technology and innovation management. To this end, students will analyze and critically discuss current case studies and academic articles and will also evaluate and reflect on the work of their peers. Hence, the course also aims to enhance students’ critical thinking and communication abilities.


Keine Zulassung möglich, wenn bereits das Modul Aktuelles Thema: Principles of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Marketing: The Streetscooter Case aus dem Wintersemester 2017 erfolgreich abgeschlossen wurde.
Solid command of the English language


Examination (60%, graded, 60min.) Written Exam
Module Component: To qualify for the final exam, students must have received a pass mark for the video recap questions., Paper (20%, graded, 0min.) Weekly assignments - weekly reviews of academic articles (5), Paper (20%, graded, 0min.) Case Study
All elements need to be passed in the same semester.

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