International Marketing

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Basic Information

Bachelor Business Administration
Course Type:
Winter term
Entire semester
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Erasmus Capacity:
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This course on International Marketing is based on a combination of lectures and discussions, Harvard cases, videos, outside speakers, and country snapshots. It integrates and addresses the significant impact of cultural, economic, and political, infrastructure in international marketing management. Students will explore marketing issues and marketing implications in a cross-cultural perspective. Students will learn the scope and challenge of international marketing, the dynamic environment of international trade, the culture, political, legal, and business systems of global markets, the global market opportunities and finally, the ways to develop global marketing strategies. This course is designed to provide students with the latest understanding of global issues, disciplines, competitions and the necessary skills in making strategic decisions based on an international perspective.


This course will balance academic rigor and theoretical framework with the practical application that will require the use of provided global marketing tools and business practices, with the emphasis on the implementation of international marketing strategy, plans and programs. Students will also learn to develop a formal analytic framework of decision-making based on recent developments in the field of International Marketing through the group project and case studies.
Course Objectives:
(1) To acquire the basic knowledge, concepts, tools, and international terminology necessary to understand international problems and issues
(2) To develop managerial reading skills with a goal of acquiring the ability to understand and synthesize readings and business cases presented in a class


Content: Absatz und Beschaffung
A Minimum of 57 CP is Required in Accordance with §5 (2)
solid English


The final grade can be composed as follows:
• Option A: Colloquium & presentation (50%, graded) and examination (50%, graded, 60min.)
• Option B: Colloquium & presentation (50%, graded) and paper (50%, graded)
• Option C: Paper (50%, graded) and examination (50%, graded, 60min.)
• Option D: Examination (100%, graded, 60min.)
All components specified for the respective option need to be passed to pass the module. The exact form of examination (A, B, C or D) will be announced at the start of the course.

Further Information

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Warren J. Keegan & Mark C. Green (2013): Global Marketing, 7th Edition