Success Factors and Practice of Innovation and Technology Management (8014856)





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This course is based both on practice (multiple case studies, various guest lectures by practitioners) and theory. Its two core objectives are: (1) To lay out fundamental success factors of innovation management and to introduce the idea of a comprehensive innovation management system that can address all issues from multiple perspectives within a common framework. (2) To illustrate with the individual components (vision and objectives, strategy, culture, process, structure etc.) of such an innovation management system in depth and to explain critical decisions that ensure the success of the company as an innovator. A special feature of this class are frequent guest lectures by experienced managers from industry who will share their hands-on experiences and stories of managing innovation and technology successfully in diverse corporate settings.


The students (1) know basic strategic problems in the technology and innovation management. (2) Know the methods and tools of strategic planning and control of technologies and can reflect their use critically. (3) experience the use of soft skills in strategic issues of the innovation process management. (4) know important concepts and approaches from the theory and have an insight into empirical research in the subject area. (5) are able to establish a link between the theoretical findings within the course and business practice. (6) have the ability to critically reflect issues in technology and innovation management


Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.pol. Frank Thomas Piller