Customer Value Creation


The course aims to provide students with an in-depth view of the marketing planning and execution process. This involves revisiting the tools that may be used for effectively planning a marketing strategy as well as the instruments that are used for executing that strategy. A special emphasis will be placed on discussing how new technologies change how companies engage with their customers and how they create value in the marketplace. As part of the course, we will transfer the theoretical knowledge gleaned in class to real-world case studies.


The course provides students with an in-depth understanding of how companies generate value for their customers and how they can leverage new technologies to this effect. Specifically, the course intends to familiarize students with the assumptions associated with marketing planning and to help them assess the psychological and performance effects of new technologies that companies may introduce in the customer interface (e.g., algorithmic advice tools, augmented and virtual reality, access-based services).

Another aim of the course is to enable students to transfer the knowledge gleaned in class to real-life settings. To this end, case studies will be discussed in class with the lecturer, and a solution space for these case studies will be developed jointly. Students are expected to read these case studies in advance and to take an active part in the discussion. Thus, the course also aims to help students to improve their reasoning skills and their communication abilities.


1. Solid command of English
2. Basic knowledge in marketing



Univ.-Prof. Dr.oec. Daniel Wentzel