Principles of Technology and Innovation Management (8014844)


Creating and managing new technological knowledge is a key success factor of most firms. The idea of the class is to provide an a deeper perspective into selected topics from both the perspective of a manager who has to make decisions about her firm's technology and innovation management processes and from the perspective of an academic researcher studying these decisions.

We will discuss some selected questions of managing innovation in a corporate context. Our focus will be the people and culture perspec-tive: How does the behavior of people and the incentives set in a firm to drive specific behaviors, plus its organizational structure, influence the performance of a firm's innovation system.

The class is case-study based, but will also integrate short lecture modules, in-class exercises, and group work. In addition, each session will introduce important academic papers on the topics of the session.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
• Differentiate various understandings of innovation and technology
• Acquire competences to analyze decisions in TIM from an organizational and culture perspective
• Know about tools and methods of innovation management
• Argue about future trends in innovation management
• Evaluate the challenge of making innovation happen within large companies


Note: While this class belongs to the "core classes" in our curriculum, you profit more from this class if you already have some basic under-standing of innovation management. It builds on the class "Managing the Innovation Process" in the summer term. For students who do not have any pre-knowledge in innovation mgmt, Session 0 provides some background knowledge via a focused video training.


Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.pol. Frank Thomas Piller