Foundations of Entrepreneurship (8014854)



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This course provides an introduction into the topic of entrepreneurship. Central focus of this course is to explain how ideas are translated into marketable business opportunities. Theoretical core concepts such as innovation management and opportunity recognition are presented. These are complemented by guest lectures in order to connect theory and practice.

The practice session is closely connected to the lecture. Within this sesscion, participants develop new product ideas based on real technologies.


The objective of this course is to gain deeper understanding of entrepreneurship, both – as science and in practice. Next to basic theoretical insights related to this topic such as opportunity recognition or innovation management, this course is closely connected to business practice. Course participants will develop an understanding for entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Further, participants will work on real business ideas for a presentation at the end of the course.


Further Information

This course is set up in a flipped classroom concept. That means the content of the course will be delivered in videos and in class we will discuss the content further and work on exercises.


Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.pol. Malte Brettel