Service Simulation Game


Today's students need to understand complex problems, experience working in teams of people with diverse opinions and personalities, and ultimately come to a decision in the face of many competing options. To address this, this course will utilize business simulations to offer students real-world experience with a variety of strategy issues. From the viewpoint of a service company, the students will be challenged to implement their strategy by making a wide range of decisions in marketing, operations, management, human resource development, finances, and asset management. A unique aspect is its service context, which is very applicable to issues in today's economy.


Students will implement their knowledge of strategic business making in a simulation game. The competitive 24/7 web-based business simulation provides an environment for students to see how their strategy turns out. Students should learn to formulate their overall strategy and translate theoretical concepts into strategic management skills.


Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Stefanie Paluch