Strategic Management


This course provides participants with a research-oriented introduction to the process, content and context of strategic management.

1. Strategy Process: We will explore the strategy process from the setting of strategic objectives, external and internal analysis to strategy implementation and control.
2. Strategy Content: We will examine competitive and cooperative strategies as well as external, environment-oriented and internal, resource-oriented perspectives.
3. Strategy Context: We will discuss important contextual elements including the importance of ethics for strategic management.

The course concept is based on the flipped classroom model. Students acquire learning content themselves in advance with videos. The video content is available in both German and English. Afterwards, this content is further explained through interactive live sessions. For this purpose, learned contents are put into context and practical examples are discussed in order to build up a deeper understanding. In addition, guest lecturers will report on their experiences with the respective topic at appropriate points. IMPORTANT: The interactive session will be held exclusively in German.


After participating in this course students should be in a position to:

1. understand and critically discuss selected theories in strategic management,
2. apply concepts and tools in strategic management intelligently based on a thorough understanding of their respective strengths and weaknesses,
3. analyse and develop adequate solutions to questions arising from company practice in the field of strategic management,
4. craft and present a thoughtful argument in support of their position, and
5. critically reflect upon the social and ethical dimension of strategic management.


Willingness to engage in the preparatory lecture videos, case studies and/or research papers.


Univ.-Prof. Torsten-Oliver Salge, Ph.D.