EMAC 2018


The Chair of Marketing (MAR) is happy to announce that it will be representing the TIME Research Area with four papers on this year's EMAC in Glasgow. The conference takes place from May 29th to June 1st under the theme "People make Marketing". The following papers are accepted on the conference and will be presented by the MAR-team:

Tracing the Decline of Theory Employment in Marketing Scholarship

Authors: Bastian Kindermann, David Antons, Torsten-Oliver Salge und Daniel Wentzel

Track: Marketing Theory and New Paradigms

"Alexa, Are You Connected to the CIA?" - Uncovering Consumers Resistances to Smart Products

Authors: Stefan Raff & Daniel Wentzel

Track: Innovation & New Product and Service Developments

How Aesthetic Congruity Shapes Consumption

Authors: Annika Wiecek & Daniel Wentzel

Track: Consumer Behavior

Intertemporal Consumption in Reward-Based Crowdfunding

Authors: Stefan Rose & Daniel Wentzel

Track: Doctoral Colloquium